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9-12 RedPlum Coupon Insert

Date: September 7th, 2010

9-12 RedPlum Coupon Insert
Sunday coupon preview
Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected!

(x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon
ETS = excludes trial sizes
RedPlum Coupon Insert

Advil, Children’s or Infants Save $1.00/1 (11/15)
Benecol Spread, any Save $2.00/1 (12/12)
Carbona color grabber cloths Save $1.00/1 (12/11)
Carbona Stain Devils Save $1.00/1 (12/11)
Carbona stainless stell pro-care Save $1.00/1 (12/11)
Centrum Cardio Save $2.00/1 (11/30)
Centrum Performance Save $2.00/1 (11/30)
Centrum Silver Save $2.00/1 (11/30)
Cheer brightClean any size Save $2.00/1 (10/31)
Combos Snacks bags any variety Save $1.00/2 (11/12)
DiGiorno Pizza 12″ or larger Save $1.00/1 (10/31)
Endust Product Save $1.00/1 (10/24)
Friendship 16oz Cottage Cheese Save $.55/1 (11/30)
Friendship 16oz Digestive Health Cottage Cheese Save $.75/1 (11/30)
Gain detergent any size,scent Save $1.00/1 (10/31)
Gain fabric softener or sheets any size Save $1.00/1 (10/31)
Garnier Cleanser or Moisturizer Save $1.00/1 (10/15)
Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment Save $1.00/1 (10/15) ETS
Garnier Fructis Style Product any Save $1.00/1 (10/15) ETS
Garnier Herbashine or Nutrisse Color Cream Save $3.00/1 (12/31)
Jimmy D’s product Save $1.00/1 (1/31/11)
Johnson’s baby or Johnson’s natural product Save $1.00/1 (11/21)
Johnson’s hand & face wipes Save $.55/1 (11/21)
Kellogg’s FiberPlus Corn Flakes Simply Cinnamon and or Kellogg’s Cinnabon Crunch 10 oz or larger Save $1.00/2 (10/24)
Kellogg’s Special K Cereals 11.4oz or larger Save $1.00/2 (10/24)
Kellogg’s Special K Protein Meal Bars, Protein Snack Bars and or Protein Shakes Save $1.00/2 (11/7)
Lean Cuisine Market Creations varieties Save $1.00/2 (12/31)
Maybelline foundation any Save $2.00/1 (10/15)
Maybelline Lipstain, Lipcolor, Lip Liner Lip Gloss or any New York Lipcolor Save $2.00/1 (10/15)
Maybelline New York Mascara any Save $1.00/1 (10/15)
Nescafe Taster Choice stick pack 20-count or larger Save $1.00/1 (12/12)
Nescafe Taster’s Choice canister 7oz or larger Save $1.00/1 (12/12)
Nivea my silhouette 7.0 fl oz Save $2.00/1 (10/31)
P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Meals for two Save $2.00/1 (12/5)
Purina Alpo Chop House any size,variety Save $1.00/4 cans (10/25)
Purina Alpo cans any size,variety Save $1.00/6 (10/25)
Purina Dog Chow Complete & Balanced or Puppy Chow any variety 15.5lb or larger bag Save $1.50/1 (10/9)
Purina Dog Chow Complete & Balanced or Puppy Chow any variety 3.5 lb or larger bag Save $1.00/1 (10/9)
Purina Dog snacks packages Save $1.50/2 (12/12)
Purina Dog Snacks packages Save $4.00/4 (12/12)
Purina Friskies (15) 5.5 cans OR (2) 12 ct OR (1) 24 count or larger multi OR variety pack Save $1.00 (12/31)
Purina Friskies dry cat food 3.15 lb or larger bag Save $1.00/1 (12/31)
Purina Friskies Cat Treats any size, any variety package Save $1.00/1 (12/31)
Purina Tidy Cat any size any variety Save $1.00/1 (12/31)
Purina Tidy Cat BREEZE Litter System Save $5.00/1 (12/31)
Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Quick or Old Fashioned Oats box Save $1.00/1 (12/31)
Ragu Pasta Sauce Save $1.00/2 jars (10/10)
Scope Mouthwash 710ml or larger Save $1.00/1 (10/31)
Scotties facial Tissues (5) boxes or (2) multipacks Save $1.00 (101/15)
SlimShots Liquid Portion Control Save $3.00/1 (12/31)
Smart Balance Milks any carton Save $.75/1 (10/27)
Smart Balance Omega-3 eggs package Save $.50/1 (10/37)
State Fair product Save $1.00/1  (12/31)
Stouffer’s Corner Bistro entrees Save $1.00/2 (11/30)
Stouffer’s Corner Bistro Stuffed Melt and Soup Save $1.00/1 (11/30)
Truvia natural sweetener any size Save $1.00/1 (12/5)
Uncle Ben’s Rice products Save $1.00/3 (11/7)
Wonka Exceptionals bag 8.5oz – 9.5oz Save $1.50/1 (10/10)
Wonka Exceptionals bars 3.5oz Save $1.00/2 (10/10)

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