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Date: July 2nd, 2009

1. Do you offer coupons you list?

Currently we do not offer coupons we list for the sunday papers. We will be adding links to printable coupons once we get that worked out.

2. I get the sunday coupons early and want to help out.

Glad to hear that we are always looking for people across the USA that get the coupons early, we will even reward you for the information. Use our contact form and let us know when you can get the information and how often.

3. I need to save money on my Grocery bill

Our site is here to provide a source for gaining access to let you know if you should buy extra papers since it may or may not contain coupons you use. On occassion we may offer saving tips but at this time we would suggest you check out other sites like Afullcup.com or slickdeals.net to help you save.

4. You have a coupon listed that i didn’t get in my insert.

This is possible as some coupons are regional. So there is a chance the value won’t be the same BUT sometimes some coupons are different from regions but usually it is a value difference not an omition.

5. How to contact you?

Use our contact form.

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