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No SmartSource insert this week.

Date: February 18th, 2011

There is no smartsource insert this week.  So I wanted to take a chance to answer a few questions we get often.

1. How do a get more inserts and coupons than just 1 that comes in my paper? Check out this post that i discuss that

2. My paper is missing inserts, what should i do?  You should contact your paper. We have No affiliation with the inserts and cannot do anything to help you get inserts in your paper.

3. I love your updates but my local paper doesn’t get inserts and tell me they won’t, How can i still get some coupons?  For you i would suggest you check out Free Coupon Alerts as they post alerts about the latest printable coupons all you need is your PC and a printer and you can start printing coupons that you use. I have found many time coupons in the inserts can be found online thru sites like Free Coupon Alerts. Click here to Visit Free Coupon Alerts.

4. I love Sunday Coupon Preview what can i do to help the site out?  Share it with your friends, post it on your facebook wall or twitter etc…

5. The coupons i get in my insert aren’t the same as the ones you post?  Each region varies, Usually they contain the same coupons with just different values, but on occasion some insert areas have coupons that others don’t.

Happy Couponing!